Proposal made in 2012 for its development

The past glory of the Gooty fort returns if the government releases the funds required for its development as proposed two years ago. The fort which has an outer fortification is a shell-shaped one and has grand palaces for the king and queen atop the hillock.

The fort is further known for its ingenious water management by using almost 108 wells dug within the ramparts of fort walls for survival during times of war.

Currently, the fort is in a shambles for lack of funds.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has prepared a project seeking funds to the tune of Rs. 8.50 crore which proposes total preservation of the fort and improvement of tourist amenities.

Speaking to The Hindu , the Conservation Assistant of the ASI, Mr. Satyam, has said that the ASI submitted a proposal to that effect to the Ministry of Tourism in 2012. After the jungle clearance, debris from the major breaches at the entrance of the fort will be cleared and the same building material will be used to reconstruct the old fort walls, says Mr. Satyam. He has also said that all the pathways within the fort will be restored so that they can walk from the entrance of the fort to the palaces of the king and queen.