The PHC building at Ravindranagar in Adilabad district is in a dilapidated condition and though a new building is ready, it is yet to be inaugurated

The Primary Health Centre (PHC) building at Ravindranagar in Koutala mandal is in an utterly poor state reflecting the attitude of officials towards healthcare in this backward district.

“Even the backwardness of Adilabad cannot be an apology for the deplorable state in which the building exists,” says Vikram Halder, a local person. The plaster and white washing of the building seems to have faded long back while no door and window shutter can be locked, the insides are a shambles with the Medical Officer making do with barely enough place to house a table and chair. The appearance of the building itself could be revolting.

Making matters worse is the fact that the PHC has already got a new building, the commissioning of which is being delayed due to petty reasons.

The Medical and Health authorities have not done anything since a couple of months to shift the facility to the new building.