Choose the right college and make sure the infrastructure and other facilities are ideal for pursuing your desired course

When a number of colleges are getting tagged as ‘bogus’ or lacking facilities, how do we zero in on the right college?

Choosing the right college is the first and foremost task of a student. Making a physical visit to the college is a must to observe the quality of classrooms, laboratories and library. Interacting with the faculty members, verifying the claims made on the website will also help.

I am interested in both mechanical and CSE. Is there a course that helps me pursue my passion?

There is no such combination. But, if you take mechanical engineering, it has computer-oriented areas like CAD and CAM, where you can make use of your talent and excel in both the fields.

What are the opportunities in biotechnology abroad?

Biotechnology is a course that offers a wide range of jobs in the domains of industrial, plant and animal life. The Scandinavian countries are known to use biotechnology as an effective tool to improve yield. There are plenty of jobs there for life science graduates pursuing biotechnology course.

What are the prospects of chemical engineering? Are there any occupational hazards in the field?

The course period does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals and the students are exposed only to those in a laboratory. Even as a profession, a chemical engineer’s job is mostly concerned with designing chemical formulae and preparing combinations. Every pharmaceutical unit offers at least three major positions for chemical engineers. In fact, the Gulf countries beckon qualified chemical engineers from India.

Will there be jobs in the field of computers in future?

Computers are here to stay as they have entered every facet of our life. Right from your family doctor’s diagnostic tool to the handy mobile gizmo, Information Technology runs everything. It has changed the way we watch television, drive cars and even make financial transactions. No need to worry.

How does the nomenclature matter?

There is a temptation among students to go for courses sounding quite different from the rest, which is not good. Always prefer simple nomenclature as it is specifically demanded by the industry, most of the times. B.Tech Computer Science Engineering varies just 10-15 p.c. from Computer Science and Systems Engineering, which in turn, deviates similarly from Information Technology. In the end, it is the CSE that is the most-sought-after.