People of Anantapur can now be seen savouring Ragi Ganji (gruel made from Finger Millet, native to Anantapur) or butter milk instead of just water at special kiosks, thanks to a series of elections.

Every summer few organisations and individuals set up Chalivendram (drinking water point) to help poor people, who are normally the major beneficiaries besides the floating population in the town who come from nearby villages to Anantapur for various works.

However, with the elections round the corner the number of points offering free buttermilk and free Ragi Ganji have been cropping up along with drinking water points, at some places giving them a competition for space.

One such point offering Ragi Ganji near the RDT office on the outskirts of Anantapur had the local aspirant taking up the space while another organisation wanted to put up a drinking water point.

In the effort to garner votes and not be seen as being morally incorrect, politicians seem to have found a new way to attract people and potential voters to them rather than going to them.

Now, whether the expenditure over such points goes into the account of the respective candidates is anyone’s guess.

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