Separate guidelines for contract and outsourcing staff

The ongoing exercise by all State government departments and corporations of compiling information on sanctioned regular posts existing on March 1, 2014, as part of the bifurcation process may take a longer time.

The government has earlier set March 29 as deadline for placing the data (related to regular posts, workload assessment, work allocation for each post) before the Apex Committee for its review after which the date would be submitted to the Government of India committee for its approval. Now, it would be extended by about a week, sources said.

The departments will have to furnish the information of the State-level posts through online database established by the Centre for Good Governance as these posts are the ones that would be affected by division.

All the posts of local, district, zonal and multi-zonal cadres that fall entirely in one of the successor States will stand allocated to that State on the appointed day. Similarly, the posts in the departments, institutions, special offices, major projects that fall in and serve exclusively one of the States will be allotted to that State.

Sources said once the posts allocation was made, the provisional allocation of employees to the two successor States will also be completed by June 2 as per the guidelines to be notified by the State Advisory Committee. The SAC chairman will be appointed by the Union Government by month-end.

After provisional allocation, if there is any grievance, employees may appeal to the SAC which will act as a tribunal, sources said.

All ad hoc, super-numerary, contract and outsourcing posts will not be considered now and the Finance Department will issue detailed instructions for gathering data related to them separately. The services of all contract and outsourcing employees, which will end by March 31, are likely to be extended till May-end.

On the future of contract employees after the appointed day, a senior official said the government will take a humanitarian approach towards contract and outsourcing employees. “We will do something that will make them happy,” he said.

The present exercise for the division of sanctioned regular posts will cover all regular posts that have State-wide jurisdiction and includes all staff in the 37 Secretariat departments and 185 heads of departments. It also includes posts in the non-gazetted categories, multi-zonal cadre posts that currently have operational responsibility both in Telangana and A.P. areas and also all the posts that have State-wide transfer potential under the present cadre management regime, according to official sources.

Of over 13 lakh categories of posts, the Human Resource Management System collected the data so far of 11.4 lakh employees and of this, about 7.3 lakh are sanctioned regular posts, starting from the lowest operation entry level. The ongoing exercise will, however, bring out the exact numbers.