The present ‘G’ block was the centre of administration during Nizam era

The neglected and over a century-old ‘G’ block of architectural importance in the Secretariat complex is back in the news as fresh concerns arose over its proposed demolition.

It should however gladden the hearts of heritage lovers that an inspection of the building by Governor’s Advisor Salauddin Ahmed on Friday morning got things moving in the right direction.

Successive governments left the block to its fate after the High Court while disposing of a petition against its demolition had directed the government in 2004 to take the views of the Heritage Conservation Committee and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

HCC and HMDA recommended its notification as a heritage building in 2005.

Expert team

Mr. Ahmed, apparently fascinated by the two-storeyed lime, mortar and stone structure built in classical European style immediately contacted Rajasthan Heritage Development and Management Authority to send a team of experts to give its views on its conservation. Coming from a State with dozens of forts and heritage buildings which were restored and conserved by the private as well as government initiative, Mr. Salauddin Ahmed who gathered that a section of officials are keen on its conservation invited the expert team to the city on April 11.

“I feel the structure can be saved. But the structural engineers connected with heritage conservation alone can give correct assessment,” he reportedly told the State government officials.

Familiar with several such buildings of lime stone and mortar which are still going strong in Rajasthan, Mr. Ahmed apparently is of the view that one should seek professional advice from those who know the value of heritage structures.

Fears allayed

Meanwhile, concerned over the reports that the government may pull down the G block for security reasons, M. Vedakumar, president, Forum for a Better Hyderabad, and O.M. Debara, secretary, FBH, met Governor’s Advisor A.N. Roy and submitted a representation against the demolition of the heritage structure. Mr. Roy allayed their fears.

Mr. Vedakumar said that the structure served as the centre of administration during Nizam’s era and later half a dozen Chief Ministers, including late N.T. Rama Rao, ran the affairs of the State from it.

However, successive governments remained indifferent to their representations to allocate funds for maintenance and restoration of the heritage structure which was valued at Rs. 6 crore in 2008.