APNGOs Association president P. Ashok Babu made an interesting observation claiming how Lord Venkateswara was in favour of continuation of the ongoing stir.

The god, Mr. Babu said, appeared in his dream as buses were stopped to Tirumala and said: “It is ages since I had peaceful sleep. I could sleep for two days because of your agitation.” The credit should go to the APSRTC employees who ensured that the Lord of Seven Hills got adequate rest because they stopped plying buses.

Youth roughed up

There was a mild flutter when a youth raised slogans in favour of separate Telangana during the meeting. The youth who could get into the venue and found a place in the media enclosure suddenly raised slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’ taking the organisers aback.

Enraged over this, supporters of Samaikhyandhra caught hold of the youth and manhandled him. As organisers made repeated pleas to maintain restraint, the youth was finally handed over to the police guarding the venue.

As the organisers heaved a sigh of relief after the slogans stopped, it was for the police to receive a shock. A uniformed person posted on duty close to the dais suddenly raised slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’, running around the place.

Taken aback, the organisers wanted participants to observe restraint, not to take law into their hands. The police caught hold of the constable and whisked him away from the venue.

Confusion about black flags

As the meeting was nearing its conclusion, there was a sudden flutter in the audience over hoisting of black flags by unidentified people. Some of the participants who reportedly noticed a black flag pointed that to the others raising concerns. The police, however, convinced the audience that the flag was an old one and had nothing to do with the Saturday’s meeting.

Coastal flavour

A walk down the road opposite Fateh Maidan Club made passers-by wonder whether they were in a coastal town as it was full of people from that region or Rayalaseema.

Many in the crowd were denied entry into the stadium because they did not have valid Identification cards.