Teenagers allegedly involved in burglary at several houses and shops

Adilabad One Town police on Thursday arrested four teenaged thieves, all former juvenile offenders in town, and recovered from their possession stolen property in the shape of clothes. The four had allegedly indulged in house breakings, shop breakings and other thefts in the recent weeks stealing Rs. 1.44 lakh in cash and property like clothes.

Producing the juveniles at a press conference, Adilabad DSP K. Latha Madhuri and CI Ganapath Jadhav said the accused had committed five offences between June 11 and August 17. They then fled to Hyderabad and Tirupati where they spent the entire stolen money on living a lavish life.

Ms. Madhuri said the police has intensified patrolling in town.

The names of the juvenile accused have been removed from this article.