Air India on Wednesday cancelled four flights including one international scheduled to take off from Hyderabad Airport as their employees strike entered second day.

The Indian Airlines flight IC 917 scheduled to leave for Pune at 10.30 am, IC 617 scheduled to leave for Vizag at 11.45 am and IC 977 scheduled to leave for Muscat at 6.40 pm from the Hyderabad airport have been cancelled due to the strike, an official spokesperson of the Air India said.

The IC 617 flight (Mumbai-Hyderabad-Vizag) scheduled to arrive at Hyderabad from Mumbai at 10.55 am was delayed by about an hour while flight IC 618 to arrive from Vizag at 3 pm has been cancelled. However, IC 618 took from Hyderabad for Mumbai.

At least 76 domestic and international flights on Wednesday and over 130 in the past two days were reportedly cancelled after over 13,000 employees went on a strike protesting against Air India’s gag order, prohibiting the Union leaders from talking to the media.

However, the Air India in a statement said it had not issued any gag orders.