With increasing awareness about health and eating habits, there has been a steady shift from junk to natural food items. Several health food counters have sprung up across the city. First among them is the mobile shop run by Roti Sriramulu.

Mr. Sriramulu, a former private employee and a devotee of Satyasai Order launched a mobile shop which is anchored at half a dozen places in the city at regular intervals. The spots at Outdoor Stadium on Club Road and Pump House turned out to be popular shopping areas for health food sales.

Mr. Sriramulu is sourcing ten types of rotis from Raichur, a popular roti manufacturing centre. A variety of rotis made from jowar, bajra and ragi are hot favourites apart from the traditional roti. He also sells other food items that are useful for the diabetic and people with kidney ailments.

Madhuhara which is a popular mix and wheatgrass are suggested for diabetics. Apart from these two brown rice and other coarse grain such as foxtail millet and ragi flour are also being promoted as health food. Nuts and dry fruits have become the latest evening snack pushing aside the fried items such as pakoras or samosas.

The health conscious can go for sprouts that are available in small packets even at cigarette shops besides the super markets and other general stores. Fruits juices and fruits have also become very popular what with mobile counters offering them at street corners n the neighbourhood. Mr. Sriramulu said very soon public would shift to organic food which offers a new business opportunity for people like him. Quality assurance would be the key for success in the new area of organic food market, he felt.