Two NDRF teams get access to the worst affected villages of Sangvi in Jainad mandals

The flood receded in many villages in Adilabad district on Saturday which came as a big relief for people who were stranded there for the last four days.

Relief operations

Teams of Medical and Revenue officials were able to reach the villages to take up relief work at several places and start assessing the extent of damage to standing crops and property.

Two teams of the National Disaster Management Force (NDRF) could access the worst affected villages of Sangvi in Jainad mandal and Kamgarpur in Bela mandal and helped in restoration of normal life. They helped people cross the water under which the roads continued to be submerged in the morning.

Bandi Tirupati and his family from Sangvi waded through knee deep water to take his three-year-old daughter Shravani to the primary health centre at Jainad. Similarly, Tingam Naresh, a degree student at Adilabad town, also came out after being stranded in his marooned village four days. The latter was among the many who went to exercise his franchise in the panchayat election in Sangvi on July 31, but could not make an exit as the Penganga surrounded the place by the time they were ready to go. His coming out on Saturday, however, was also fraught with difficulties as there was no transport.

Bus services suspended

The RTC had suspended its services to Sangvi and Kouta a fortnight ago.

The receding flood left stench in the villages and the case was worst in old Sangvi, according to those who were coming out of the village. They wanted medical teams to concentrate on this aspect as it could lead to diseases among villagers.

Meanwhile, the initial assessment of crop loss was put at about 50,000 hectares in the district. A full fledged survey is yet to begun to establish the actual loss to crop and damage to houses and other property.