The flood situation in river Krishna is gradually easing with the inflow to Prakasam Barrage remaining constant and outflow from upstream Nagarjuna Sagar Dam drastically coming down on Tuesday.

The flood discharge has come down from 11.1 lakh cusecs late on Monday to 10.80 lakh cusecs this morning and it is expected to drop further over the next few hours, irrigation authorities said.

The discharge at Nagarjuna Sagar has come down to about seven lakh cusecs on Tuesday morning.

Though there is no threat to the left embankment of the river in Krishna district, a breach occurred at Oleru near Penumudi in Guntur district submerging the village. The breach could not be filled immediately and villagers have been ordered to vacate it.

A 30-year-old tidal bank at Hamsaladeevi suffered a minor damage with its edge slipping but irrigation authorities, with the help of locals, immediately took corrective steps to plug the breach.

“Things are comfortable right now and there is no problem as the flood discharge is gradually reducing,” Irrigation Department Chief Engineer I S N Raju told PTI here.

Mr. Raju, however, advised some caution as there was a likelihood of the river bund edges suffering some damage and also the possibility of rear side seepage of flood water.

“We are prepared to handle the situation and prevent any damage,” he said.

Many villages still remain marooned as the heaviest flood in the century will take a few more days to recede fully. There is, however, no threat to human life as people have already been moved to relief camps, officials said.