In a freak mishap, Sriramulu, a 35-year-old farmer, was charred to death in Kuntamundara Nallappagaripalle village in Tsundupalle mandal when his mobile phone connected to a charger and the coir mat on which he slept went up in flames in the early hours of Thursday.

Sriramulu, who connected the charger to his low-cost mobile phone, kept it alongside a mat and fell asleep. The mobile phone got heated and went up in flames, according to information. The coir mat on which he was deep asleep also caught fire and he sustained severe burns. Neighbours who noticed flames around 5 a.m. on Thursday, put off the flames, but the farmer was burnt to death by then. Local people suspect that he could also have been electrocuted.

Sriramulu, whose wife Lakshmamma had gone to the Gulf for work, was living with his minor son. The local people were said to have informed Lakshmamma about her husband's death. Tsundupalle Sub-Inspector Ramachandra said the police did not receive any complaint about the death.