State government employees will go on strike once again to protest against the “rash manner” in which the Centre is going ahead with the draft Bill, Samaikhya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika Chairman P. Ashok Babu announced here on Thursday.

A meeting of all organisations that participated in the movement for the integrated State has been convened on November 24 to take a final decision on the strike. “”We will convey our decision to the Government on November 25. The APNGOs and other service associations’ employees in 13 districts will go on strike from the moment Assembly is convened to debate the draft Bill on Telangana,” Mr. Ashok Babu said.

Mr. Ashok Babu, who is also president of the APNGOs’ Association, V.V. Satyanarayana and other Vedika leaders were in Delhi from November 11 to 13 to meet national leaders of BJP, JD, SP, CPI, DMK and explain to them unilateral manner in which the UPA government was proposing to bifurcate the State for political gains.

The vedika would organise a symposium on November 16 with experts on various subjects to debate the GoM’s 11 terms of reference.

One of the main hurdles was Article 371(D) as legal experts made it clear that without first amending or modifying or repealing the Article which gave special provisions for Andhra Pradesh, the State could not be bifurcated. On this ground the draft Bill would be challenged in the Supreme Court by the employees, he said.