‘It will be a simplified affair if both CMs agree on supernumerary posts’

The final allocation of State level employees between the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which hinges on resolution of issues related to nativity, may take anywhere between three months to nine months.

The AP State Reorganisation Act mandated that the final allocation will be on the basis of options exercised by employees to choose either of the States, subject to some parameters including local status.

However the Telangana employees associations and people’s representatives have been demanding nativity (place of birth) should be the criterion and all Telangana employees be allocated to their State irrespective of the posts allotted to Telangana in each cadre. If there are not enough posts to accommodate all of them, then supernumerary posts be created is their refrain.

Among Seemandhra employees too who were earlier inclined to opt for Hyderabad which can remain the joint capital for a maximum of 10 years under the Act, the mood is to move to Andhra Pradesh sooner than later.

In this background, the Kamalnathan Committee will be meeting here on June 19 for firming up the draft guidelines for final distribution of State level employees before submitting them for Centre’s approval. The meeting will be attended by the Chief Secretaries and senior officials of both the States and Central Government official.

Once the GoI clears the draft guidelines, they will be uploaded in the public domain to seek feed back and suggestions from the stakeholders, employees associations and the committee will incorporate some of their suggestions and submit them back to the GoI. Once approved, the final guidelines will be released, sources said.

The committee, sources say, is taking care to ensure that the final allocation, subject to restrictions imposed by the Act is a participatory and transparent process as several issues are involved. Sanctioning supernumerary posts is the prerogative of the State Governments.