Sabbam Hari, Jai Samaikyandhra Party nominee for Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha seat who has withdrawn from the contest, will be considered a dummy candidate, said Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal here on Tuesday.

Responding to a query at a media conference about the reported canvassing by Mr. Sabbam Hari in favour of TDP-BJP combine candidate after withdrawing from the contest, Mr. Bhanwar Lal said one political party lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. “We will issue notice for violation of Section 126 of Representation of People’s Act, 1951. The complaint will be forwarded to the Election Commission,” he said.

The facilities extended to Mr. Hari as a contesting candidate would be withdrawn immediately and the expenditure incurred by him so far would be credited to the main party in whose favour he had withdrawn from the contest, the CEO added.