“The hallmark of a true MBA professional is to measure success in his or her own terms, rather than in comparison with others. Life is like a marathon, which allows you to change your pace any time you want. Don’t confuse it with a sprint where every second counts. Don’t sprint the marathon,” advised Prof. V. Raghunathan, taking cue from the title of the book that he had authored.

Prof. V. Raghunathan, author, senior faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad and renowned management consultant, is currently the CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation.

As chief guest on the occasion of the inaugural of the orientation programme – a week-long preparatory course – for the MBA class of 2013-15 at Hyderabad Business School (HBS), GITAM University, Prof. Raghunathan made the inaugural address on Wednesday.

He emphasised the social purpose of business and exhorted the students of MBA to cultivate a sense of social responsibility, rather than hankering after money. “Professionalism includes a sense of contributing to the society at large,” he said, adding that a good B-school integrates insights from various disciplines into management studies.