Lord Malayappa, enacting Lord Krishna, mounted atop the dazzling golden Surya Prabha Vahanam taken in a grand procession

‘Exuberance’ marked the procession of ‘Surya prabha vahanam’ organised on the seventh day of the ongoing nine-day annual Brahmotsavam of Lord Venkatewara at Tirumala on Friday.

The processional deity, Lord Malayappa, enacting Lord Krishna mounted atop the dazzling golden Surya prabha vahanam was taken out in a grand procession around the thoroughfares of the temple town. Thousands of devotees who witnessed the regal pageantry were delighted at the way Lord Krishna was bedecked befitting the occasion with the Govardhanagiri mountain on one hand and the magical flute on the other.

The chunky crimson coloured floral garland adorning the deity was a feast to the eyes of the devout.

Special flowers

A special team consisting of over twenty eminent florists from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu was specially commissioned to embellish the celestial carrier.

It is widely believed that worshipping the deity mounted atop Sun god – the key architect of life on earth not only bestows the devotees with good health and long life but also relives them of all kinds of pain and ailments.

Later in the evening, the golden umbrella was taken out in a grand procession by the barbers working at the TTD Kalyanakatta.

The golden umbrella will be garnished atop the mammoth wooden chariot which will be dragged around the mada streets in connection with the Rathotsavam festival in the early hours on Saturday.

The day came to an end with the procession of Chandra prabha vahanam later in the night.