It is a great paradox that in the land of Kamasutra, people remain ignorant of the intricacies of sex. Lack of knowledge on the subject has made road side business of dispensing of potency herbs a lucrative business often operated by the highly suspect desi sex doctors.

Anyone who has traversed the central and north Indian States is bound to come across huge wall writings in the name of such doctors who claim to cure sex diseases and enhance potency. There are groups of nomadic people also who move from town to town selling the potency enhancing and ‘weakness’ controlling herbs.

The desi doctors usually set up shop by the side of a busy road with the bottled herbs on display. This shop also has on display, large sized photos of famous wrestlers, boxers and body-builders meant to attract the attention of passers-by.

“My medicine will make you like Dara Singh,” asserts a ‘doctor’ at Ambedkar Chowk in Adilabad to a curious youth. “You take this and it will be the end of your agony,” he adds, and quotes a price for a small piece of root.

Talking to The Hindu on conditions of anonymity, the ‘sex specialist’ says he has young and middle aged men seeking advice and medicine for premature ejaculation and nightfall, sex related diseases and of course increase in sex potential. “Women also seek our advice mostly to control white discharge,” he points out.

“We guarantee positive results to our clients. Our knowledge of herbs is based on the knowledge passed on to us through our forefathers,” the doctor claims when asked about the potency of the herbs on display.