Sudarshan Reddy warns contractors that government will be forced to hand over works to sub-contractors

Major Irrigation Minister P. Sudarshan Reddy has issued an ultimatum to contractors/firms executing various irrigation projects that the State government will be forced to hand over the works to sub-contractors, if they delayed works deliberately.

There were also complaints that the main contractors were not clearing dues to the sub-contractors for the completed works, affecting the progress of Jalayagnam works.

The Minister said the rules under the tender specifications would be invoked to transfer the works to the sub-contractors. An official explained later that invoking of this rule would amount to part-closure of the tender.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, the Minister said a technical committee constituted by the Chief Minister would examine and take a decision on the demand of contractors to review agreements in the wake of enhanced prices of sand, labour and other construction material.

Though the Jalayagnam projects were going on well all over the State, problems arose at some places as payments were not released by main firms/contractors to sub-contractors or their sub-contractors even after the government cleared their bills. Refuting criticism from the opposition parties, he asserted that all necessary steps had been taken to expedite works and complete the projects as per the original schedules.

Mr. Reddy did not want to react on the “bogus certificates” allegedly furnished by one partner firm of the consortium which was listed as L1 (lowest price bidder) of Polavaram project, about its previous experience. The entire matter was being dealt by the high power committee headed by Chief Secretary Minnie Mathew and he would step in only if a decision was taken by this committee.