The population of spotted deer has substantially increased at the deer park in the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary in Palvancha mandal but the facilities for the animals at the park remained inadequate.

Located near the picturesque Kinnerasani reservoir, the deer park attracts visitors from far and near. It presently has a population of over 100 spotted deer.

The reservoir, the major source of water for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes in Palavancha and Kothagudem divisions, is presently brimming with water owing to good inflows from the catchment areas of the river in the last few days. The water level in the reservoir climbed to 402 feet as against its full reservoir level of 407 feet.

Thanks to the copious rainfall in the upstream areas, the reservoir attained its full glow much to the delight of farmers as well as nature lovers. However, the spotted deer at the park, situated nearby the project, are facing obstacles in consuming cattle feed whenever the skies open up. The animals are unable to properly consume the cattle feed during the rainy season as the animal feed gets soaked every time it rained in the absence of suitable facilities at the park, deplores S. Bhaskar of Palavancha, who frequents the site with his friends.

The park needs facilities like thatched sheds covered with tarpaulin sheets to keep the cattle feed unaffected by rain. Balanced diet is essential to safeguard the health of the deer, he noted.

Risk from stray dogs

Although, the forest officials concerned have earlier initiated concrete steps like erecting fence along the entire periphery of the park, several gaps still persisted, posing a risk to the deer from stray dogs, laments a villager of Yanambailu. The site endowed with good tourism potential has remained in neglect as is evident from the lack of minimum facilities like a regular canteen, he says.

When contacted, DFO (Wildlife), Palavancha, J.V. Rao, has said a plan is on the anvil to release some of the deer from the park into their natural habitat in dense forests in compliance with the rules. Proposals like provision of sheds for keeping the cattle feed in the park will be forwarded to the authorities concerned for action, he says.