Two prominent leaders keep away from Vijayamma’s public meeting

It was a day of mixed fortunes for the YSR Congress in Tamballapalle constituency where the party president Y.S. Vijayamma addressed a public meeting on Sunday.

The party’s gain was TDP MLA, Praveen Kumar Reddy, a price catch whom it officially took into its fold at the meeting in the presence of Vijayamma, ending his family’s three-decades of close association with the TDP.

Vijayamma offered him the party ‘Kanduva’ marking his political baptism as a full-fledged YSR Congress leader. It may be recalled that Mr. Praveen Reddy defected in to YSRC along with another TDP MLA Amarnath Reddy.

At the same time, the YSRC suffered a severe jolt also when its strongman and a 3-time MLA of the constituency, Kalicherla Prabhakar Reddy along with his followers stayed away from Vijayamma’s meeting, hardly concealing his displeasure over Jaganmohan Reddy taking his arch rival and the TDP MLA, Praveenkumar Reddy, into the party, upsetting his apple cart of securing the party ticket for the 2014 election.

Another notable absentee at the meeting was T.N. Prameelamma, also from a strong political family which enjoys a good political clout in the faction-ridden constituency.


As for Vijayamma speech at the public meeting, it was obviously loaded with sharp barbs both at TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and the Congress high command as a whole.

She charged that the Congress is out to malign the name and fame of YSR family and “hound out” Jaganmohan Reddy by “implicating” him in a slew of cases, unable to digest his surging popularity. Despite all the oppressive measures, Mr. Reddy would come out unscathed and YSR’s golden era would be revived, she said.

The YSRC leader lashed out at Mr. Naidu for spreading “canards” against Mr. Reddy and YSR and asked him which court had found Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy and YSR guilty and similarly which court had given him (Naidu) the ‘clean chit’ as he and his partymen often claim.

‘TDP MLAs fed up with Naidu’

Meanwhile, Ms. Vijayamma said that Telugu Desam MLAs were deserting that party as they were fed up with the policies of Mr. Naidu.

Speaking at a public meeting at Kothakota in Chittoor district on Sunday, she protested the remark of Mr. Naidu that the MLAs joined YSR Congress taking a package. In this context, she sought to know what package Mr. Naidu collected while quitting Congress and joining TDP.

She blamed Mr. Naidu and Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, both of whom hailed from Chittoor, for not doing anything worth for the district. Mr. Naidu destroyed profit making Chittoor dairy to help his own Heritage Foods and Mr. Reddy drove farmers to a desperate situation where they were forced to declare crop holiday.

Ms. Vijayamma claimed that Mr. Reddy was trying to sell the Rs. 300 crore Chittoor dairy to his close associates for Rs. 149 crore.