After the YSRC president Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy claimed that he would change the fate of the entire State with his ‘five signatures and six developmental schemes’ after becoming the Chief Minister, All India Dalit Rights Federation (AIDRF) national convener Kandula Ananda Rao has demanded that Mr. Jagan should put one more signature on the file pertaining to the welfare and protection of Dalit rights.

“You are telling the voters daily that you would put five signatures immediately after being sworn in as Chief Minister. Why don’t you put another signature on a file that contains the welfare of Dalits. I guess your pen and ink is not permitting you to put the sixth signature,” Mr. Ananda Rao said.


Mr. Rao said that the AIDRF had taken up a yatra to press for certain demands including amendment to the Prevention of Atrocities on SC, STs Act 1989, which has already been signed by the President of India and it would be tabled in the Parliament soon.

He demanded that there should be reservations for Dalits in private sector and judicial system and allotment of 2 acres of land to each Dalit women. “The incentive for the couple who gets inter-caste marriage should be increased to Rs.1 lakh from Rs.50,000 and unemployed SC youth should be given a monthly allowance of Rs.3,000,” he said.

He announced that their yatra would be concluded with public meeting in Vijayawada on May 2.