Communist Party of India (CPI) and Congress might have a seat sharing understanding only in Telangana for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, CPI general secretary S. Sudhakar Reddy told presspersons here on Saturday.

But, such an understanding would not be struck elsewhere in the country, he declared.

With regard to Telangana, all political parties were “vertically divided regionally”, except for the CPI and CPI-M. The CPI was for Telangana and the CPI (M) was for a united Andhra Pradesh.

In Telangana, it was proposed that the four secular parties (CPI, TRS, Congress, and New Democracy) should contest jointly because of the peculiar situation there.

With a split in New Democracy, it decided to go out of this platform and unfortunately, TRS has declared candidates for 69 constituencies.

Therefore, the CPI and Congress may go in for seat sharing.

The CPI wants to contest in 12 Assembly constituencies out of the 119.

As for Lok Sabha elections, it wanted one out of the 17 seats in Telangana.

In the rest of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, the CPI and CPI (M) are trying to come to an understanding for Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

“All over the country, we are sure our (Left) position will improve in Parliament,” he said. The CPI wants change in policies from pro-corporate to pro-people. We want a transition from the present policies.

Need of the hour

That is the need of the hour and not just a change of Government from one party to another or change of Prime Minister. This election is crucial.

“We are at the cross roads.” Never had there been such a crisis of price rise and unemployment, he said.

When asked about Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari backing the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, Mr. Reddy said “I do not think he is the person who can decide for the entire Muslim population.

Trinamool Congress

He decided, surprisingly, to support the Congress and the Trinamool Congress. “I am sure he is not the sole representative of the entire Muslim community in the country,” Mr. Reddy said.