Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha demanded that the Chief Minister, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, resign and fight for united Andhra Pradesh and represent the aspirations of the people of his region.

Addressing a meeting of party workers at the newly-built DCC office here on Sunday, Mr. Damodar said the extension sought to discuss the draft Bill was part of the conspiracy to prevent new state formation. Moreover, asking the Assembly Speaker to send back the Bill terming it ‘incomplete’ was ridiculous, he added. Asserting that they were disciplined members of the Congress, he said that was the reason why they still respected the leadership of the CM. The Bill was sent to the Assembly so that the House members could express their opinions and view, literally, and nothing more, he said.

“A Chief Minister should be a leader to the entire State and not one region. But Mr. Kiran Reddy has been acting otherwise,” Mr. Damodar fumed simultaneously expressing confidence that Telangana state would be formed in February.