The minimum temperature has fallen to 19 degree Celsius in Adilabad in the last two days indicating the onset of a change in the season.

Sultriness decreases

The sultriness that was present in the last couple of months too has gone away suddenly and the maximum day temperature is a more bearable 30 degree Celsius at present.

Observers predict a harsh winter season, especially in the hilly areas of the district, given the longish duration of wet days during monsoon.

Plunging temperatures

The minimum temperature can plunge to even 3 degrees Celsius in December-January, as was the case in the winter of last year.

The arrival of autumn, which coincides with the change in season here, is most visible in this district which still boasts of comparatively good tree cover.

The yellowing of leaves and the subsequent leaf fall in the following few weeks paints the environs in beautiful hues.