Confident that the Central government would not back out of creation of Telangana, TRS leader K. Chandrashekhar Rao said the Congress and the Centre need some time to act on it.

“The Government of India has taken a step towards the formation of Telangana. We cannot even imagine that the Centre would go back,” he told reporters here.

Asserting that an Assembly resolution is not needed for formation of Telangana, Rao said, “It was expected that there will be a bit of reaction from vested interests.

Anti-Telangana protests for a united Andhra are all promoted and sponsored by vested interests who have their properties in Hyderabad, he said

“Congress at the national level needs some breathing time for the dust to settle down,” he said adding, “the Centre needs some time for the administrative process to be completed“.

Rao said that consensus is not needed for the formation of the new state, asking where the consensus was when Gujarat and Maharashtra were separated. “Consensus is a senseless argument,” he added.

On being asked whether some UPA allies like Mamata Banerjee and Sharad Pawar are against Telangana, he said, “It is all nonsense. No UPA party is against Telangana”.