Remarks against APNGOs State president Ashok Babu by Telangana leaders termed derogatory

Integrationists, members of the APNGOs in particular, on Thursday expressed their ire and displeasure at the way the Centre was ignoring the Seemandhra agitation, which was continuing for the last 57 days.

Leaders who spoke at relay hunger strike camps organised at various places in Rajahmundry said it was unfortunate that the government was ignoring the movement being carried out by employees, who had not been taking their salaries for the last few months. They resolved to fight for the cause of united Andhra Pradesh.

A large number of NGOs from the Public Health Department and members of the Municipal Engineers Association sat on hunger strike in front the RDO office.

Speaking on the occasion, Public Health SE K. Sri Ranga Raju and Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation SE Imamuddin said Seemandhra people would not accept anything other than Samaikyandhra.

APNGOs town president G. Hari Babu took exception to what he called the derogatory remarks made by MP Ponnam Prabhakar against APNGOs State president Ashok Babu.

He demanded that the government provide protection to Mr. Ashok Babu as some Telangana leaders were not able to digest his leadership. He hailed Mr. Ashok Babu for leading the agitation in a peaceful manner.

Representatives from the Rajahmundry Tamil Association took part in the relay hunger strike camp set up by the Rajahmundry Chamber Association at Kotagummam Centre.

Municipal teachers and employees took part in the relay hunger strike camp organised under the aegis of the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation JAC in front of the corporation office.

R&B employees and engineers formed human chain at the R&B office near the Central Prison in support of united Andhra Pradesh. The engineers expressed anguish that students, unemployed youth, and farmers would suffer a lot if the State was bifurcated.

JAC president B. Prasad demanded that the Congress Working Committee reverse its decision to divide the State. Later, a ‘Vanta-Varpu’ programme was conducted.

Meanwhile, relay hunger strike camps organised by teachers in front of Government Arts College were continuing.

Tension prevails

Students of Nannayya University staged a protest in support of Samaikyandhra. Tension prevailed near the Arts College when a autorickshaw hit a student when the students were staging a rasta-roko. Situation worsened as students and auto drivers tried to attack one another. One autorickshaw was destroyed and several students injured in the incident. Traffic was disrupted as a result. The police had to intervene to restore peace.