While their counterparts in bigger cities grudgingly install CCTV cameras in the wake of low-intensity blasts in popular eateries, a small food joint owner in this town in Prakasam district has put to use technology to better manage his business.

As the powerful bomb blast at the popular Gokul Chat in Hyderabad lingers in one's mind, the 58-year-old eatery owner here says “I have not put this for security purpose. It's a tension free way of running my ‘Pullaiah Bojanalayam’, he said dispelling the notion that small eateries could ill-afford to install this electronic gadget.

Sipping a tea to check the quality of the popular beverage before asking the tea master to change the tea dust, eatery owner, K. Pullaiah, says “I used to run around simultaneously managing the cash counter, attending to calls from loyal customers in the dining hall and the kitchen with great difficulty”. Thanks to four CCTV cameras installed at a cost of about Rs. 40,000, now I am able to better manage the eatery sitting on the cash counter, he adds while talking to The Hindu before his son joined him at the cash counter after six-hour stress-free work.