The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probing the illegal mining case of Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) has termed Gali Janardhan Reddy, former Karnataka minister and the second-accused in the case, as the “unendorsed dictator of Bellary area” who can influence the ongoing probe into the case if let out on bail.

Arguing the case for the investigating agency in the Principal Special Court for CBI Cases here on Thursday, its Deputy Legal Advisor B. Ravindranath stated that they had completed investigation into the illegal mining aspect completely and were ready for the process of framing of charges against the accused.

However, interrogation of K. Mehfuz Ali Khan, the seventh-accused in the case and Mr. Janardhan Reddy’s personal aide, and investigation based on the information given by him had thrown light on new aspects in the case such as large-scale irregularities in the transportation of iron ore and its sale through exports. These irregularities were not mentioned in the FIR, the DLA said.

He submitted to the court that the end-user of the ill-gotten money through the export of iron ore by following dubious methods – showing the quality of mineral much lower than its original grade till its shipment and re-selling it to third parties in different countries with its actual grade by marketing agencies set up by Mr. Reddy there – just could not be ignored.

Mr. Reddy was highly-influential and he could hamper investigation, tamper with evidence and threaten witnesses if released on bail. His “power” was evident in his attempt to buy bail by influencing even judicial officers. Though the fact should not have a bearing on the present bail plea it could not be overlooked since the conduct of the accused was a key factor in granting bail, the DLA submitted.

Hearing on the bail petition will resume on Friday.