Incessant rains have raised a spectre of the outbreak of water—borne diseases in at least two mandals in Krishna district.

Continuous rains have caused stagnation of water and sanitation is badly hit in some villages, causing contamination of sources of drinking water, which may trigger outbreak of water—borne diseases, said District Medical and Health Officer Dr Sarasajakshi.

The vector—borne diseases like malaria are on the rise in Musunuru and Nuzvid Mandals.

Many cases of viral fever are reported in Gokulampadu, Surepalli, Gopavaram, Gudipadu, Chintalavalli villages of Musunuru Mandal and Ramanakkapet, Chekkapalli and surrounding villages of Nuzvid Mandal.

“Our team found that people are suffering mostly from viral fever and around five to ten per cent from malaria and other ailments,” said Dr Sarasajakshi.

She said nearly 100 cases of viral fever are reported from Musunuru and Nuzvid Mandals, some of them are undergoing treatment in local hospitals and public health centres, she said.