Party chief releases first list of candidates for Assembly and Lok Sabha seats

Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu has asserted that his party adopted a scientific approach in the selection of candidates for the coming general elections.

The TDP deployed the interactive voice response system for obtaining people’s choice of candidates and this was verified with the internal surveys conducted on the prospects of the candidates in different constituencies. The list has been balanced based on the internal and external evaluations and the party tried to strike social balance in the selection of the candidates.

Mr. Naidu released the party’s first list of 27 candidates for Assembly and three candidates for Lok Sabha constituencies located in the Telangana region. The party would release the final list of its nominees from the Telangana seats on Tuesday after holding consultations with the party rank and file.

The TDP president expressed concern over the mounting protests in the Telangana and Seemandhra regions over allocation of some key seats to the BJP. The TDP entered into alliance with the BJP keeping the national, State and party’s interests in mind. “There are bound to be problems in some areas. These leaders should realise the inevitability of an alliance owing to the special situation that is prevailing in the State,” he said.

“There were special problems arising out of bifurcation in Telangana and Seemandhra regions. These could be addressed effectively only when the TDP comes to power on the two sides with a positive Government at the Centre to consider packages for accelerated development. The TDP decided to give seats to the BJP on the two sides after duly consulting the MLAs, constituency in-charges and other senior leaders and explaining them about the situation,” Naidu said.

He asserted that the interests of the leaders and cadre dedicated to the party would not be ignored and they would be suitably accommodated in nominated and other posts after the election process was completed. “The number of constituencies in Telangana is likely to go up to 155 and 225 in Seemandhra in the next elections. Effort will be made to see that all those who had to forego their opportunities will be accommodated,” he said.