Use of post stressed pre-cast girders in bridges has become time saving

Modern technology has made is possible to build large bridges in comparatively quick time like the one at Kupti valley where a new bridge across the Kadem river is coming up as part of the four-laning of National Highway - 7. The more than 300-metre-long bridge has 12 vents with a span of 26.57 metres each and will take just 10 months for being brought to use.

“Things have become time saving now as we use post stressed pre-cast girders in bridges. Earlier, it took about five years to construct a bridge of this size using old technology,”points out Kundeti Ramu, the project manager of the KNRCL Company, the contractors of this section of the four-laning project in Adilabad.

The new bridge will have four modern type girders in each span. “These girders are made by stressing at 360 tonnes and consume only 1.5 tonnes of steel each. Old type girders consumed about 40 tonnes of steel. The bearing capacity at the centre of the span is about 600 tonnes which makes it more strong, as compared to the old bridges,” Mr. Ramu explains the finer aspects of the new technology.

The site where the bridge is coming up has been turned into a workshop where modern and rare machines like the low drills and the stressing jaws can be seen. Two huge cranes that help lift the heavy girders give the spot a pretty look.