A violent buffalo went on the rampage killing a farmer before being shot down by the police at Nagaram village in Palvancha mandal on Tuesday.

Commotion prevailed at Nagaram on Tuesday morning when the buffalo ran amok in the village creating panic among the villagers. The buffalo attacked J. Ranga Rao, 55, a farmer, from the rear near his agricultural field and gored him to death with the horns in full public view.

The farmers, who were on their way to the agricultural fields, ran helter-skelter. The buffalo ran into the dried up bed of a stream after unleashing terror.

The local youths alerted the police and sought their assistance to capture the animal. A police team headed by the Palvancha Rural SI Mallaiah arrived at Nagaram.

The villagers apprised the police of the terror unleashed by the violent buffalo and cited specific instances of attacks on several villagers in the last couple of weeks.

After a hot chase, the police fired nearly five rounds at the buffalo. We shot down the buffalo to save the villagers’ lives after all efforts to capture the animal alive failed, said Mr. Mallaiah.