‘Action plan to address concerns of people of other regions’

The BJP president Rajnath Singh has asserted that his party would create a separate State of Telangana after forming the government at the Centre as the UPA has failed to act despite support from parties like the BJP.

Addressing the BJP National Council meeting here Mr. Singh said that his party would create Telangana with a simultaneous ‘Action Plan’ to find proper solution to the problems of the other areas of Andhra Pradesh.

“The UPA government which had promised to create Telangana as soon as it came to power, has not been able to achieve it even after five years.

As the main opposition party we have given open support to the Central government on this issue. Even then due to internal politics, the government has not been able to take a final decision.

“Due to Congress’ hypocrisy regarding Telangana, the dissatisfaction and outrage in both Telangana and Seemandhra region has increased to a point where it is creating a sad and unfortunate situation for entire Andhra Pradesh. Instead of solving this, the Congress is more interested in balancing its political equations,” he told the delegates.

The remarks of the BJP chief assume importance as the winter session of Parliament is scheduled to resume on February 5 in which the government hopes to push through the Bill for creation of Telangana.

It is for the second time in recent weeks that Mr. Singh has charged the Congress of playing politics on the issue of creation of Telanagana.

On December 13, in the middle of the winter session of Parliament, he had accused the ruling combine of rushing through the process of creation of a separate State of Telangana for short term electoral gains.

The out of the blue statement of the BJP chief had come as a surprise to political observers as it has all along been insisting that the Bill should be passed in the winter session of Parliament.

In his statement the BJP president had said that while the demand for the separate statehood for Telangana region, the Congress party and the Central government messed up the issue of division of Andhra Pradesh and are still doing so.