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Updated: December 8, 2013 09:57 IST
Andhra Pradesh bifurcation

‘Bifurcation could harm federal fabric’

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TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu said he foresaw a threat to the country’s federal fabric if the Central Government and the Congress leadership went ahead with the bifurcation of the State.

The matter was being taken forward in a “highly objectionable” manner for “selfish political ends”, Mr. Naidu said. How could the Centre bifurcate the State without bringing stakeholders to the negotiating table.

“The same can happen in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra or any other State if it is allowed in Andhra Pradesh,” he said. The TDP would raise a national debate on the manner in which AP was being divided.

The TDP chief termed the Group of Ministers on Telangana a “Gang of Ministers” out to harm the State’s interests. The panel comprised leaders who had no say in their respective States, but were keen on dividing Telugus. “Who gave P. Chidambaram, Sushilkumar Shinde, Jairam Ramesh and Veerappa Moily the right to usurp the State’s functions? Can they win the next election in their own States?” he asked.

Mr. Naidu attacked on the draft Bill on Telangana, saying it would divest the State of its rights and responsibilities on key sectors like irrigation. The proposed Apex Council, chaired by the Union Water Resources Minister, was atrocious as such a body would render Chief Ministers of the two new States powerless. The Centre could instead, explore the opportunity of declaring Andhra Pradesh a Union Territory so that the Governor would administer the State.

“Can the Centre apply the same yardstick to other States like Tamil Nadu or Karnataka?” Mr. Naidu criticised Union Ministers from the State for allowing the Centre to bulldoze them. He demanded that the Centre halt the bifurcation process till the concerns were addressed to the satisfaction of the two regions.

Ridicules JAC plan

Earlier, Mr. Naidu made light of the proposal for formation of a JAC of political parties to mount pressure on the Centre against going ahead with the bifurcation. He said his party had been demanding an amicable resolution to the concerns expressed by the stakeholders and these should be addressed without political considerations in mind. ``Why should I support a corrupt man?” he said indirectly taking a dig at YSR Congress president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. Replying to queries at a press conference, he wondered whether AICC president Sonia Gandhi was not aware of irregularities and lapses that took place during the erstwhile Congress Government headed by late YS Rajasekhara Reddy. ``Is she not aware? She did not speak at that time and this amounts to encouraging corruption,” he said.


Telangana draft Bill in A.P.December 13, 2013

Bifurcation is purely a political selfish game by congress. There is no
genuine intention of doing best as they claim. They support corrupted
people and use them as a football aiming at vote split.

from:  P T R GUPTA
Posted on: Dec 10, 2013 at 18:11 IST

If the state bifurcation doesn't need the assembly's approval as per the letter of the constitution, it was because, the proponents of the constitution didn't have the foresight that such governments would come to power as years go by which will have nothing else in mind but their own political interests. If the assembly's nod is not required, then, a valid, elongated, constructive discussion and debate should happen in the parliament as a state bifurcation is a national issue and not a potato cutting activity that mother's do at home. But can we expect such discussions and debates in the parliament filled with the representatives today? Do they have the calibre, knowledge, honesty and sincerity to do so? Of course, they can shout and create chaos which result in adjournments. Alas...

from:  Arther Kishore Kumar. K
Posted on: Dec 9, 2013 at 14:57 IST

The problem here is not Bifurcation but the manner in which it is happening. Without Addressing the Issues and concerns of state, Bifurcation will send Harmful signals to Indian Democracy and undermines federal structure.

from:  venki
Posted on: Dec 9, 2013 at 11:45 IST

Now making political statements after giving 3 letters to Union Government favoring partitioning of State. If he don't like what is happening He should take back his letters. Its all political dramas...

from:  Madhusudhan
Posted on: Dec 8, 2013 at 19:42 IST

Demand for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is a political drama. KCR
wants power (so do all the politicians, including those from Andhra).
Congress wants to reduce the power of the united state. BJP is playing
a foul play to have a say in a state in which it doesn't exist. FYI,
they don't get involved in the state affairs beyond declaring their
favour for bifurcation. Others are just confused

People in Hyderabad, including people from Telangana are afraid to
speak out even if they want united AP, lest their property becomes the
target for vandalism. Plus they are going to stay in Hyderabad, anyway
In remote Telangana areas (ex: Adilabad where I used to live), people
are fed false dreams of growth and development. But, hey, politicians
do not even like to come here. What did KCR do for his constituency,
Karimnagar in the last 10 years? Zilch.

At the end, people are left with bitterness and defeat on all fronts.

from:  Divya
Posted on: Dec 8, 2013 at 17:07 IST

This is meaningless. When new states like chattisgarh, uttarkhand, etc could come into being
without any noise why these telugus are crying over bifurcation of state.? Where is the threat
to national security. Nobody is asking for an independent telengana country. They just want
one more state. Too big is difficult to manage. Remember how mothers cut boiled potatoes
into two pieces to make it cool?

from:  Richard Marthandam
Posted on: Dec 8, 2013 at 15:14 IST

The points raised by Mr.Naidu are quite apt and relevant. In the context of drubbing that Congress is now witenessing should serve as an indication that they should leave the decision on Telangana to the next Government and not to mishandle it further. They could not reach a satisfactory middle ground for all the regions, there is so much of confusion even with the so called GoM but still would like to go forward hurriedly to divide the state! On his part, President of India would do well to keep the Bill in abeyance until such time that all parties agree that the steps taken are serving the interests of all regions in a balanced manner. Government should have courage to put those who are 'declaring wars' with selfish interests and getting involved in exploitation of emotions of gullible people should be put 'behind the bars!'

from:  Dr D Sreedhar
Posted on: Dec 8, 2013 at 14:21 IST

The question to be asked of Mr. Naidu is this: has he applied his political acumen and forethought in communicating his views, which are now expressions of angst, to guide and create a set of factors that could have become the measure upon which the process of bifurcation could have proceeded? To go about crying hoarse now does Mr. Naidu nothing good, for he must surely realise that as the ex-Chief Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh, he was amongst a handful of people who had the unique privilege of commanding a helmsman's perspective, and therefore a vastly superior judgement, on the intricacies of the several serious issues comprising an equitable division. If he did not voice his opinion in a manner that would influence or provide the right insights to the people he now dismisses as a "Gang of Ministers," then surely he has failed himself and the causes that he espouses.

from:  Kay Nathan
Posted on: Dec 8, 2013 at 10:45 IST
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