In a bid to expedite the completion of tasks assigned to all the Secretariat, government departments, corporations and institutions related to distribution of files, assets and liabilities between the two successor States by June 2, the State government directed all departments to furnish weekly reports on the progress made.

Chief Secretary P.K.Mohanty issued a circular on Saturday to all Special Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries to Government, Heads of departments, corporations, societies that they should complete 95 tasks assigned to them before April 30 for effective implementation of the AP Reorganisation Act.

The tasks related to preparation of maps of the new States with administrative units, key institutions and existing activities of the department and also major programmes, projects proposed; proposals for location of HoD offices, existing building infrastructure of departments, institutions and submit it to the committee on common capital buildings; required modifications to the space and buildings allocated by the Governor for offices of both the States and relocation of furniture and movable assets to the allocated premises.

The other tasks include classification and digitisation of all files from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2014, common record room for location of disposed files prior to 2008 and separate record rooms for both the successor States for disposed files of the last five years.

Management of fixed and movable assets, vehicles, IT assets, approval for division of assets outside the State obtained from the competent authority and preparation of budget proposals for both the States based on the Vote-on-account budget for 2014-15.

All the departments should submit proposals for apportioning 13 Finance Commission funds and sanction of grants under 14 Finance Commission to the Finance department, proposals for special development packages to the Planning department, details of all loans and advances outstanding by any department, list of all investments in commercial and public and private undertakings also should be submitted.

The other important tasks to be completed by month-end are staff allocation, contract management, compilation of all legislations, important executive orders and court cases in two sets, one for each State.