Bharati, wife of Kadapa MP and YSR Congress president Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy, who has been meeting her husband at the Central Prison at Chanchalguda for the past three days, was denied a ‘mulaqat' on Friday.

The reason given by the jail authorities was that they were drawing unnecessary attention about the number of visits.

According to the rules, ‘mulaqat' was to be allowed with an inmate only twice a week.

After waiting for about half-an-hour, she left the place, visibly disappointed. She was the sole visitor for Mr. Reddy at the jail and after her experience, none else in the family made an appearance.

The day started with expectant family members looking forward to having him back at his Lotus Pond residence here.

As the hours passed by, the wait turned out to be disappointing.

The bail petition was filed in the Special Court for CBI cases as well as the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and the family hoped that either or both courts would grant interim bail so that he could get back on the campaign trail.

As the clock struck 5 in the evening and with the CBI court rejecting the bail plea, it became clear that Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy would spend yet another night in prison.