Member of Parliament Porika Balram Naik, who became Union Minister was accorded a grand welcome by Congress party workers and tribal people belonging to his sect, here on Sunday.

Festive look

Hundreds of tribal people, especially the Lambadas hailing from the district arrived welcomed him when he entered the district headquarters at Madikonda village. The town wore a festive look with flags and garlands hung all over and flexi boards put up by party leaders and supporters of Mr. Naik.

A grand felicitation was organised by the tribal people from different walks of life at Ambedkar Bhavan with Kakatiya University professors P. Sammulal, A. Sitram Naik, Bhanoth Suresh Lal, G. Veeranna, A. Ragan, G. Hanumanthu and others. A team from the Research Scholars’ Association of KU led by D. Jambu, Raju Naik and Shankar, Circle Inspector Madan Lal, doctors Balram, Pandurang Jadav and others working as government teachers, wardens and from various political parties urged Mr. Naik to work for the uplift of community.

Tribal leaders, academics and intellectuals called upon the community to stand united and strengthen the hands of Mr. Balram Naik in the days to come and enable him to serve the community.