A travel search engine that provides offers for flights and hotels - www.wego.co.in - will soon include buses and taxis and give you the cheapest solutions.

Jackson Fernandez, Wego India’s general manager, says that the portal that was powered to include most airlines and hotels in India right now would include in a month, ‘best fare’ searches for bus and taxi travel. It searches 150 websites in the time it takes for a user to search just one, he says, adding that the increasing preference of the Indian traveller to visit places across the length and breadth of the country was the potential the company wished to leverage.

A tool in the web world that sends user requests to other search engines and databases to aggregate the results into a single list, it thus makes the choice for the user. “For most people, airfare searches start at an online travel agency (OTA) or airline website. However, for better search results, it is always ideal to use such tools, a trend that is catching very fast,” he says.

It compiles fares from multiple airlines and OTAs, hotels and bus, taxi operators and then displays the cheapest choices. Helping eliminate the time spent at multiple websites, search engine users are redirected to the actual transaction page of the travel agency, airline, or hotel for the final purchase of the ticket.

The highly competitive market today has players such as Kayak, Ixigo, Google travel and Wego, giving customers freedom and flexibility to choose from options from different players. “Wego has gone a step forward to provide translations in regional dialects for the masses,” Mr. Jackson adds.

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