IIT aspirants from the state will have to struggle harder than other aspirants in the country as they have to score more than 85 per cent to be in the top 20 percentile of the Intermediate Board, which is mandatory for IIT admissions from next year.

As per the statistics released by the Council of Boards of School Education (CoBSE) on the 20 percentile data in each examination board in the country, the highest percentage requirement is for the State at 87.20 per cent while the lowest is for Meghalaya state at 49.40 per cent.

It means, state students will have to get at least 87.20 percent marks in the Intermediate examinations if they wish to get eligibility for admissions next year while a Meghalaya student will have to score just more than 49.40 per cent.

However, the figures will be less for reserved categories but they will still be high for the state students compared to other state reserved categories.

Moreover, the percentage required may go up next year as students will also focus on the Intermediate examinations unlike the past where they used to concentrate only on IIT test.

The only criterion till now was 60 per cent minimum in Intermediate.

“These figures will demoralise the aspirants and this criterion of figuring in the top 20 percentile is irrational,” says Madhusudhan Reddy, General Secretary of A.P. Government Junior Lecturers Association. “How will this reduce pressure on students,” he asks.

The new IIT-JEE pattern to be effective from 2013 makes it mandatory for aspirants to figure n the top 20 percentile of the respective boards.

So even if one tops the IIT-JEE and fails to figure in the top 20 percentile of the board he or she has to forego the admission.

Officials say the wide variation in the cut-offs of different boards can be attributed to the different valuation system adopted by the respective boards apart from students’ calibre and teaching methods.