It offers a visual delight to visitors from various parts

Offering a visual delight to visitors, one of the engineering marvels -- Campbell Aqueduct -- is attracting locals and tourists from all over the country to witness its scenic beauty during the rainy season.

Locals have already made the aqueduct, constructed in early 1930s to irrigate the fertile agriculture lands in Diviseema, their week-end spot by spending their evenings on the bridge-cum-irrigation project.

Traditional fisherfolk add additional beauty by venturing into the river on their country boats. People living adjacent to the aqueduct, otherwise a road-bridge, act as guides to the visitors, explaining tales of how the Krishna river splits into two channels before it reaches the aqueduct. “People, particularly in rainy season, visit the wonder construction, which irrigated several thousands of acres, along with their family members.

They spend time by observing water flow from the red-coloured construction, a lifeline for farmers in Diviseema,” says Meesala Solibabu a Puligadda villager.

Road connectivity

All this is happening because of the good road access between Vijayawada city and the location.

The road was developed recently. Located 25 km from Machilipatnam and close to the famous Subrahmanyam Swami temple at Mopidevi, the devotees also throng the place during any season as an add on for their religious pilgrimage.

The new constructed Puligadda bridge, besides the Campbell Aqueduct, connects Diviseema mandals to the rest of the Krishna and Guntur districts.

Government of Madras Member for Irrigation and Revenue Sir A.Y.G. Campbell laid the foundation stone for the aqueduct-cum- bridge in 1934 and Cannon Dunkerley and Co. Limited completed it.

With the Department of Museums and Archaeology also trying to build museum on site close the aqueduct by converting the old pump house into one tourist destination, the whole area has turned into a potential tourist destination that can be promoted.


Old pump house becomes a museumAugust 15, 2014