State Government has accorded permission to the APGenco to set up solar power projects up to capacity of 100 MW as a part of encouraging renewable energy.

The Government, which initially accorded permission to APGenco to set up solar power projects at various thermal and hydel project sites, has now directed the power utility to raise funds.

At a meeting held at Jurala Priyadarshini hydro electric project site in Mahabubnagar with APGenco Managing Director K. Vijayanand and Director (Solar and Hydel) G. Adiseshu and Principal Secretary (Energy) Dinesh Kumar, it was decided that APGenco would prepare a comprehensive project report on setting up of solar power projects.

The reports would in turn be submitted to the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for assistance under green energy fund.

Energy certificates

The APERC has issued regulations very recently mandating the complying renewable purchase power obligation by procuring the renewable energy certificates. APGenco has lands at RTPP in YSR district and Hyderabad sufficient for establishment of 30 MW solar power plants.

The APGenco is also in the process of acquiring lands to the extent of 350 acres at Ananthapur, Kurnool and Mahabubnagar districts, would be sufficient for establishment of another 70 MW solar plants.

The estimated cost of generation per MW for solar project will be around Rs.7 to 8 crore and per unit cost initially is expected to be around Rs.8 and likely to reduce the cost with the increasing generation.