Both thermal and hydel plants in Seemandhra contribute sizeably to the State grid

The proposed indefinite strike by the APGENCO employees from September 2 in the Seemandhra region will affect the power generation substantially, as two major thermal power plants and another two big hydel power plants fall in the Seemandhra region.

APGENCO has five thermal power plants with 25 generation units in total spread across the State. They are: Kothagudem Thermal Plant, Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station, Rayalaseema Thermal Power Plant, Kakatiya Thermal Power Station, and Ramagundam Thermal Power Station.

While the two Narla Tata Rao and Rayalaseema Thermal are located in the Seemandhra region , the rest are located in Telangana region. As of now, the total generation of thermal power by APGENCO is about 5,092.5 MW, and of which 2,810 MW alone is generated by the two plants in the Seeemandhra region, which constitutes over 55 per cent.

Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station has six units of 210 MW and one 500 MW unit- generating about 1,760 MW and Rayalaseema Thermal Plant has five units of 210 MW capacities each - generating 1,050 MW. On the hydro electric front, the total installed capacity of the 20-odd hydel plants under APGENCO is about 4,200 MW and of which the combined installed capacity of two major plants alone - Nagarjuna Sagar Hydel (816) and Srisailam Hydel (1,670) is about 2,810 MW, and both the plants are located in the Seemandhra region. The employees have not decided on the stir yet, but if it takes shape then power generation will be hit.