House works for a mere 4 hours 10 minutes in five days without transacting any business

The Legislative Assembly was adjourned sine die on Saturday after a brief five-day monsoon session virtually without transacting any business.

The House worked for a meagre 4 hours 10 minutes as it witnessed severe disruptions resulting in frequent adjournments. Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar adjourned the House sine die as the slogan shouting by the Telangana Rashtra Samiti members demanding passage of a resolution in favour of separate Telangana continued on the fifth day too.

A major portion of the four hours for which the House was in session went for passage of condolence motions (one hour 23 minutes) and there were deviations and disturbances for one hour 13 minutes. Notices of adjournment motions (37 minutes) and interventions by members (47 minutes) consumed much of the four-hour sitting. The ruling party could introduce three Bills and table two reports given by Assembly committees.

Government Chief Whip Gandra Venkataramana Reddy termed as “most unfortunate’’ the way the members disrupted the proceedings and did not allow crucial issues like power shortages to come up for debate. The Opposition, he said, should apologise to the people for wasting the precious time of the Assembly and feared that people would lose confidence in the House if such instances were repeated.

Replying to queries, he said the government had informed the members that it was prepared to clarify their doubts relating to five major issues – power crisis, health, fee reimbursement, agriculture operations and drinking water, but the Opposition did not allow the debates.