Once the project takes shape, communication to members will be sent online

The State Legislative Assembly is all set to become the first paperless Legislature in the country.

Once the project takes shape, communication to members, including the schedule of the meetings of various committees, will be sent online.

They will be assisted with GPA mapping for locating places like primary schools in their respective constituencies in the form of alerts on their mobile devices that would also display the status of various works in that particular area.

The Central government has sanctioned Rs. 16.15 crore for automation of the Assembly as part of World Bank funded e-Governance projects being implemented on mission mode. Accordingly, the Centre will bear the cost of hardware, software, capacity building and other components of the proposed project.

The project, according to Speaker Nadendla Manohar, came in the light of the presentation of a concept paper, designed in association with the Centre for Good Governance and the AP Technology Services, and the Centre had given an 18-month deadline for its completion. “The Assembly has reduced the use of paper by 60 per cent and the project will enable us to bring it down to 100 per cent,” he said.

The State already has the distinction of being the first in ensuring constant flow of information online about implementation of housing, scholarships, Arogya Sri, ration cards and rural employment guarantee scheme to the members. “The new project will ensure that members are able to access information of all other departments too,” he said.

Mr. Manohar said the State could secure the project after convincing the Centre to include the Legislature in the projects that were hitherto confined to the Executive and Judiciary.