The State government has arranged two flights – one at 11.15 p.m. on Friday and the other at 5.45 p.m. on Saturday – to transport the pilgrims stranded in Uttarakhand floods from Dehradun.

The flight on Friday night will carry 40 passengers to Hyderabad, it was stated.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh information centre at New Delhi has stated in a release that its 24-hour helpline received 37 reminder calls about missing persons in the floods from their relatives. The rescue teams deployed at Dehradun reviewed the rescue operation everyday and searched all the rehabilitation camps and hospitals to identify the Andhra pilgrims. The teams also liaised with officials of Uttarakhand central control room and army which handled the rescue operations.

Medical aid extended

The rescued pilgrims were treated well and extended medical aid before being sent to Hyderabad. On reaching their respective stations, the helpline checked up the status of 120 complaints from relatives.