All the Sub-Registrar Offices in the State will be connected

Andhra Pradesh will soon have “anywhere registration” facility connecting all the Sub-Registrar Offices (SROs) spread across the State.

On track

The Stamps and Registration Department has speeded up efforts to bring all the 423 SROs on a single platform through a centralised architecture and give open access of land and related properties database to sub-registrars.

“More than one-third of the offices are connected online. At least, two to three are being linked to the central architecture on an average every day,” Inspector General of Stamps and Registration Vijay Kumar said.

Access to land details

Speaking to The Hindu, Dr. Vijay Kumar said the Department was targeting completion of work on linking all the SROs by April 15.

Once put in place, the new system will enable sub-registrars to see encumbrance certificates, market values as well as connected documents of the particular piece of property from anywhere across the State. “This is a pre-requisite for anywhere registration. The facility will avoid duplication of records and gives relief to buyers who intend to buy properties in places other than their own,” he said adding efforts are under way to host all the information including finer details like fingerprints of sellers in the database.

‘Temporary problems’

The State was the pioneer in implementing the computer aided registration of documents (CARD) projects that was commissioned over a decade ago.

Asked about complaints of delay in delivering documents to applicants, he said it was a temporary phenomenon related to problems in connectivity and network owing to the huge volumes of data that was being loaded into the database.

“The problem will be overcome soon and we are firm on sticking to the deadlines fixed in the citizens’ charter,” he said.


Move ‘anywhere’ for immovable propertyFebruary 2, 2013