A Division Bench of the High Court comprising Chief Justice Kalyan Jyothi Sen Gupta and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar on Tuesday took on record another complaint against cine actor and producer Mohan Babu, wherein it was alleged that he had used the title ‘Padma Shri’ before his name in the titles of another film produced by him.

The papers pertaining to this compliant were filed by BJP leader N. Indrasena Reddy who had filed a writ petition earlier complaining that the title was used as prefix by Mr. Mohan Babu and Mr. Brahmanandam in the Telugu film ‘Denikaina Ready’. The court expressed displeasure following which the producer said the word ‘Padma Shri’ had been removed from negative prints and all publicity material.

On Tuesday, Mr. Reddy field material regarding the film ‘Jhummandi Naadam’. This showed Mr. Mohan Babu as sole proprietor of the film and the titles showed word ‘Padma Shri’ before his name.

This film was released prior to ‘Denikaina Ready’.