The Anantapur police had crossed all the lines of humane compassion on Sunday when a police official beat a man black and blue for trying to help three senior citizens in exercising their vote during the municipal elections on Sunday.

The Inspector from Madakasira police station Aarohana Rao had beaten up Gangulavayi Palyam Prabhakar Reddy, former chairman of the market yard when he asked the policemen at a polling station in Madakasira municipality to allow him to drop the three persons - Sivalingiah Gowd (80), a retired second-class magistrate, Nanjundappa (95), a retired Inspector in the Excise Department and Basha, a diabetes patient aged over 80 years - in his car as close as possible to the polling station as they could barely walk.

Mr. Aarohana Rao vented his anger on Prabhakar Reddy by brutally hitting him with a lathi even after Reddy got into the police jeep.

The incumbent MLA from Madakasira, Sudhakar subsequently sat on a protest in front of the Madakasira police station even as the unapologetic Inspector refused to release Prabhakar Reddy.

Speaking to The Hindu, Anantapur Superintendent of Police S. Senthil Kumar said that the department had taken serious note of the incident and had initiated an internal enquiry into the incident post, based on which an action would be initiated.

Meanwhile, the Congress party has decided to approach the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on the incident, against the Inspector in question even as human rights groups in Anantapur decided to follow up the issue with the SHRC.

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